Tournament Contract


Event Contract & Parking Buyout

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Entire Complex

$2500 rental fee includes up to 3 days of use
$500 per additional event day
$250 Set-up day* or Take-down day** (Applicable if outside the 3-day window).
Call for current pricing- parking buy-out (optional)

*the SET-UP fee will be charged for any day that your organization is at the facility to get the event set up.

**the TAKE-DOWN fee will be charged for any and all days that your organization is here for take down, and also for any and all days that we store equipment for your event.

Additional fees may be applied if your event leaves excess garbage, etc. at the facility.


Deposit Deadlines/Policies:


Reservation requests must be made sixty days in advance. Weekend usage will be based on availability and Board approval.


A $1,500.00 deposit is due with submission of this application. The balance is due no later than 30 days prior to the event. Unpaid invoices will be assessed a 10% late fee on the outstanding balance.

Please send deposit to:

Spokane Valley Junior Soccer Association
12320 E Upriver Dr.
Spokane Valley, WA 99216


A minimum thirty days’ notice is needed on any cancellations. There is no refund of the deposit should the notice to cancel be given within 30 days of the event. There is no refund of the entire tournament rental fee if the event is canceled within 48 hours of the predetermined event start date as outlined in this contract.


Complex/Building Requirements:

Included in Entire Complex Usage Fee:

    • Small meeting room (20×25 sq. ft., tables/chairs available depending on size)
    • Large meeting room (20×50 sq. ft., tables/chairs available depending on size)
    • Concession building restrooms & restrooms on hill
    • Trash disposal


Additional Requirements
for Entire Complex Usage:


Entire Complex rental requires up to 15 Porta-Potties (14 regular and 1 handicapped). The number required is determined by number of event participants. Porta- potties must be cleaned at the end of each day of the event.   One option below must be used: 

      • Tournament Director will schedule and pay for services directly with the vendor.
      • SPVJSA will provide porta-potties through a contracted vendor, Applicant will be billed for cost plus 20%.

Garbage and Recycling Disposal on and Around Fields:

    • Each night the garbage on and around the fields must be picked up
    • Recycling bins needs to be emptied each night and throughout the day if they are overflowing
    • Failure to empty garbage and recycling daily will result in a $150 fine, per day, due no later than Monday following the tournament

Medical Personnel on-site:

Required if you are renting the entire complex. The type of medical personal is up to the Tournament Director.  One option must be used below:

    • Certified Athletic Trainer- Tournament Director will schedule and pay for services directly with the vendor.
    • EMT – Tournament Director will schedule and pay for services directly with the vendor.
    • SPVJSA to provide medical personnel, applicant will be billed for cost + 20%.


If event organizer does not elect to the parking buy-out the following terms apply:

    • Parking will be collected at all events. Parking is collected by a third party. Parking revenue is used directly for facility maintenance as directed by the contract between Spokane County Parks and Recreation and SpVJSA.
    • The parking fee is $5 per day or $10 for the weekend (up to 3 days).
    • RV Parking is $50.00 for the weekend.
    • Event organizer has the option to pay a parking buy-out option – please inquire for details.

Additional Options:

Mobile Vendor:

Open status to be determined by SPVJSA based on the size and scope of the event.  SPVJSA will Notify Tournament Director of the Open status 15 days in advance. No revenue sharing with mobile food vendors is available with the tournament due to SPVJSA contract with Spokane County.

Additional Vendors:

Use of additional vendors subject to approval by SPVJSA.


Tournament Director is responsible for obtaining and payment of the referees


Option to hire SpVJSA employee(s) for tasks at tournament director’s discretion at $20 per hour/per employee. Request for SpVJSA employee(s) must be made 14 days in advance and is subject to availability.


Plante’s Ferry Usage Guidelines:

  1. Maximum number of teams that Plante’s Ferry can accommodate is 150. If the tournament has more teams than this, it is the responsibility of the Tournament Director to secure other locations to accommodate the additional teams.
  2. Your organization will be responsible for picking up all trash and bringing trash cans/recycle bins to the compactor during your event and after wrap-up. SpVJSA will compact all trash at the end of each day of the event. Your organization will be responsible for replacing all trash cans/recycle bins to the fields after compacting has been completed each day.
  3. SpVJSA staff will be available during the event to open the facility, for facility maintenance, trash compacting, and locking facilities. SpVJSA will provide a 24-hour emergency phone number for you to utilize during the event.
  4. A representative of your organization will be required to attend a pre-event walk through and a post-event walk through of the facility with an SpVJSA staff member.
  5. Dogs are NOT allowed at Plante’s Ferry Sports Complex during organized events. Service animals only are allowed. This must be advertised by the Event Organizer.
  6. Insurance – All events must provide a certificate of insurance with the application. Certificate of insurance must list Plante’s Ferry Sports Complex as additional insured.