Non Tournament Pricing

For Non-Tournament Activities March 1st 2021 – November 30th 2021

Athletic Field Rental

Available daylight hours
Seven days per week

Practice Field
$24.00 per hour

U12 and below: Game Field

$65.00 per game

U13 – U17/Full Size Game Field

$85.00 per game

U18 and above

$90.00 per game



Snow Removal Charge

Snow Removal Charge $125.00 per removal per field


Facilities Rental

Media Room $20.00 per hour ($100 maximum per day)
Referee Room $25.00 per hour ($100 maximum per day)


Other Charges as Applicable

Lost Key Fee (tournament only) $300.00 (Covers cost to re-key entire facility)
Schedule Change Fee:
7 days in advance of scheduled use
$15.00 per change
Schedule Change Fee:
Within 7 days of scheduled use
$20- $90 (entire price for scheduled game or practice)
Late Payment Fee 1.5% (30 days after invoice date) and monthly thereafter until invoice is paid in full